Farnham Independent Christian Spiritualist Church

working for Spirit.

We are an independent church, run by a friendly and special group of people, we have a devine service each sunday, with a medium to demonstrate proof of life after physical death. service 6.30- 8.00pm, free will offerings. tea/coffee, cake. & Spiritual Healing after the service.

Dear Friends, we have missed the Church and all your smiling faces sooo much,we are holding our open circle on zoom each fri eve at 7.30pm. meeting number 818 1678 5946 Pass 277467. [new number] go for join a meeting, no charge, open platforms are held on zoom, so you can still practice your mediumship or address, Camberley or Spencers being just two. FARNHAM CHURCH, is on sundays at 6.30. Please note new zoom number, 845 9445 1863 pass.323327. Our SEPT Mediums are, 5th Jill Picket, 12th our own Irene Hall, 19th Sarah Norris, 26th Sarah McLauchlan. A Huge thankyou to all the mediums who are supporting Farnham church. ALSO, A big thankyou to Jan Ross who is still supporting our Church, Farnham now has its own zoom account, i’m learning things I never thought I would need…lol.

Come join us all welcome, stay safe, lots of love. God bless Jean xxxx.

Digital StillCamera
Digital StillCamera

THIS WEB SITE IS IS TO KEEP YOU INFORMED,IF YOU DONT USE F/BOOK. We are a friendley church,come find us. jean xxx

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Farnham Independant Christian Spiritualist Church

Hale Hall,
Wings Road,
Upper Hale,


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Jean Harris

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